Glovebox Replacement Door / Cell Phone Holder


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Your cellphone is always secure when kept inside your snowmobile glovebox. This new replacement door will update your existing glovebox extension. The door allows for the perfect positioning and mounting of your cell phone and keeps your precious items always warm thanks to its integrated heater. Ideal for screen sizes up to 6.4" (16.26 cm) x 3.3" (8.38 cm). Replacement door to update Glovebox Extension with a cell phone holder. Door allows for perfect positioning and mounting of a cell phone. Cell Phone heater included. Requires USB intelligent Power outlet (860202433) and Harness extension for cellphone holder and USB (515178153) for installation. For screen size up to 6.4" (16.26 cm) x 3.3" (8.38 cm). Works with capacitive and resistive touch screen technology. - Fit with Glovebox Extension (860201249)