Sea-Doo Men's Life Jacket

Discover our selection of men’s life jacket, made to provide you comfort and safety at all times. These life jackets encourage mobility and are designed for all the water-sport enthusiasts. Check out force pullover PFD our and our men's airflow PFD models.
Men's Airflow PFD sku: 2859380490 $149.99 CAD
Navigator PFD/Life Jacket sku: 2859740280 $49.99 CAD
Explorer Airflow PFD sku: 2870090412 $199.99 CAD
Sea-Doo Explorer Airflow PFD sku: 2870070426 $199.99 CAD
Airflow PFD/Life Jacket sku: 2859840290 $164.99 CAD
Freedom Stream PFD/Life Jacket sku: 2870010290 $119.99 CAD