LinQ 11.4 US Gal (43 L) Cooler


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The injection moulded, impact resistant polypropylene material used results in a tough outer shell that's durable in any weather and any conditions and the high quality insulation keeps items cold longer. Things that further separate this cooler from others are the extra thick insulation on the bottom to isolate heat from vehicles, the secure LinQ attachment system for versatile fit on many powersport products, and the horizontal locking handles with LinQ Lite attachment points allowing it to serve more than one purpose. Features include an internal basket to keep food items dry, a bottom drain plug and new ergonomically designed latches that offer a more secure closure and seal for rugged use. And of course LinQ makes installation and removal easy with just a quarter turn.

GTX, GTX Limited, Wake Pro, Explorer Pro, FishPro Trophy, FishPro Sport, RXT‑X, RXP‑X