286 Phantom Series Studs & Support Plates by Woody's - (5/16 - 1.075" (129" & 137" tracks)


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The Phantom series of studs and support plates are designed by Woody’s. This company is well known for snowmobile studs and support plates. This series was specifically designed for Ski-Doo’s REV Gen4, XS, XP and XR tracks. This snowmobile stud kit is complete with studs, nuts and support plates. Woody’s products are fully approved by BRP.Pack of 96. A complete line of traction products developed specifically for Ski-Doo’s REV Gen4, XS, XP, XR tracks. Due to the unique track design, this is the only traction product available to maintain track warranty and track life. Kit complete with stud, nut and support plate. The only traction product approved by BRP.REV Gen4, XS, XP, XR