Sea-Doo Three-Person Two-Way Sit-in Tube (177 cm x 220 cm)


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The Sea-Doo Three-Person Two-Way Sit-in Tube (177 cm x 220 cm) has all the same attributes as its two-person counterpart, plus room for one more passenger. A cockpit-style tube ideal for more timid riders who just want a stable, relaxing ride. A chafe-free neoprene seating area that is comfortable and dry, while the tubeŸ??s low center of gravity makes it less susceptible to wakes and waves tipping it over. Also, thanks to its dual tow points, it offers two different styles of riding: pulled from the front for a comfortable ride while seated against the backrest, or towed backwards for a more thrilling chariot-style ride while sitting on your knees. And whichever way you ride, the soft foam handles equipped with knucke guards provide a welcome added touch. All Sea-Doo tubes are made with heavy-duty nylon covers and robust PVC air chambers, and outfitted with quick-connect tow hooks. Sea-Doo Three-Person Two-Way Sit-in Tube Designed for three riders Multiple sit-in riding positions, sitting with their back against the backrest or on their knees Can be pulled from the front or the rear depending of the choice of your riding position 26-gauge robust PVC bladder with 840/420 deniers heavy-duty full nylon cover 4 self-bailing drain vents Includes soft foam area for sitting and foam knuckle-protection pads to avoid chafing Tow system reinforced with 840 deniers nylon Quick-connect tow hook Padded valve cover Puncture repair kit 2 Boston valves and one normal air valve in floor Dimensions: 177 cm x 220 cm when inflated